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Complementary medicine and natural therapies are recognised by leading Governments around the world as “effective, appropriate and cost-effective” solutions to helping hundreds of millions of people manage their healthcare every day.

The fact is, 70 percent of Australians make the choice to use natural therapies and products to help with common illness and manage chronic disease, yet access to services, products, education and accurate information is being increasingly restricted. Why?


CALL TO ACTION: Almost 13,000 of you have already emailed Greg Hunt MP asking him to restore rebates for natural therapies. We have it on good authority that EACH of your emails is being read and considered, so we must now keep up the pressure!.Your private health fund rebates can still be saved. Click the link, share your thoughts & we will forward to Minister Hunt, your State LNP Senators and (if applicable) your LNP Federal member on your behalf. .ANY feedback, even just a sentence, will send a strong message to Minister Hunt and the Liberal Party of Australia and can make a very real difference. It already is – YOUR VOICE IS BEING HEARD!.https://www.yourhealthyourchoice.com.au/save-rebates/

Posted by Your Health Your Choice on Sunday, 24 February 2019

We call on the NHMRC to release this hidden, taxpayer-funded review for expert and public scrutiny and explain why it was terminated and concealed from the public.

The Swiss have successfully fought and won their right to access healthcare of their choice, now Australians are joining Your Health, Your Choice to do the same.

The first objective is a call for a Senate Inquiry into the NHMRC Homeopathy Review. NHMRC used similar flawed methods and procedures to generate reports that discredited 17 other natural therapies. Reports, that are now being used to misinform and erode consumer confidence and support drastic calls to ban natural medicines from sale in pharmacies and other regulatory reforms impacting consumer choice.

Your choice – no matter what your choice of complementary medicine – is under threat. Sign the petition below to call for a Senate Inquiry into bias against natural therapies and why Government-funded reports have ignored positive evidence.